They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, what about 25-30 images per second that create motion and a reality that nearly everybody will passively sit and absorb? In the developed countries, all people under the age of 80 have been exposed to television for around 60 or more years!

Video content distribution, via the Internet to desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and other mobile devices is inexpensive and ubiquitous. Users almost expect to see some video.

Currently 48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute! (2012 Jan).

That means that it would take you 8 years of your life to watch what is uploaded to YouTube in just one day.

That's not including Google Video, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Veoh, MySpace, MetaCafe, all the world's TV Networks and all the other hundreds of sites with video.


Broadcast Your Video to the World

Okay, so much of it may be trivial and rubbish, but all the biggest corporations on the planet and all the smart marketers around are using video on the Internet.

What better and cheaper way is there to promote Tourism products and services?

Make it engaging, make it subtle and show what you want the potential tourist to see and experience.

Another important aspect of this is that you are not trying to get your message across in 15 seconds (like TV adverts), to an impatient audience, who will fast forward, or go to the bathroom, ignoring your message, followed by a succession of other commercials they will also ignore.

These visitors found your site and are voluntarily looking at your video for information… they are already qualified prospects.

Remember, they found you willingly. You're not stuffing it down their throats as you would by using other mediums.

The 3 Way Bonus

A promotional video on your Website immediately engages visitors far longer than just images and text.

In your Intro Video show them what you are about, what you offer and why they should be your customer.

Then reinforce it with beautiful still images and written content that they will now want to review, read and refer on.

Make it easy for them to find more information, ask you questions, make a choice and… purchase and pay.

• We will upload your video to YouTube and embed the player in your Website so that visitors see it without leaving your site.

• People searching Google or YouTube for topics related to your business will be directed to your Website.

• A Share this Video button will make it easy for visitors to refer others to your site.